Morocco – Taxis

Morocco – Taxis
Guide to Moroccan Taxis

In Morocco taxis are a huge help. There are two types and each city has their own colours.


Grand Taxis are the Mercedes Saloons you will find congregated around Medina walls and outside airports & bus stations, and are used for trips outside the city or between cities. Typically these are five seaters but don’t be fooled, drivers will fit six passengers in the car, four across the back and two sharing the front seat.

The idea is that each seat is worth a certain amount per journey, say 25MAD. You can hire the whole taxi for 150MAD, that’s all six seats, or you can share with five others for 25MAD each. The issue with sharing (aside from the personal space violation) is that unless you can fill the car you need to wait for others to join you. These are a great way to travel if you want to avoid the time constraints of a bus, and either have the cash to hire the whole car or don’t mind sharing with a few locals.


Petit Taxis are the hatchbacks or small saloons that can manoeuvre within the city streets and sometimes close in the Medina. They will all be the same colour and they are very cheap no matter where you go. Some will have meters but most won’t so be sure to negotiate the fee before you get in otherwise you will get stung. A typical trip within a city might cost 10-20MAD and they are everywhere. Use them lots!


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