Manoppello & Pescara Travel Guide

Manoppello & Pescara Travel Guide

After our small town excursion in Reggio Emilia we went even smaller; endeavouring to find a truly authentic Italian experience in the tiny walled mountaintop township of Manoppello. With a population of less than 200, Manoppello is not a huge tourist destination, and as such, reconnaissance and information might not be all that helpful, which is why I’ve included the nearby city of Pescara in this entry.

Pescara is the largest city in the Abruzio region, it has an airport, a train station, bus connections, restaurants, and a lovely beach; which is what drew us down from our mountain for a day.

We spent four nights in Manoppello, eventually reaching the desired relaxation level on the beach during said day trip. Our final day in Italy was spent driving back to Parma, where we boarded our return flight to London.


View in Manoppello
View from our terrace in Manoppello
Getting There

We arrived by rental car (see Verona blog for info), which is really the only way to get to Manoppello. There is a train station in nearby Alanno (6.6 miles) and a bus station in Serramonacesca (4.9 miles), but to reach Manoppello without a car, you will need to get a taxi from either of these towns. In order to reach these towns, you will first need to go to Pescara, unless you are coming from Rome; which means about five hours on a train to Alanno.

You can fly direct to Pescara from many European destinations; London Stansted direct to Pescara on Ryan Air takes 2.5 hours and can cost as little as €27 per person.

  • Pescara to Alanno (train) – 25 minutes/€2.50 per person
  • Pescara to Serramonacesca (bus) – 35 minutes/€14.50 per person
  • Rome to Alanno (train) – 4.5 Hours/€15 per person
  • Rome to Pescara (train) – 5 hours/€17.50 per person
  • Alanno to Manoppello taxi – 11 minutes/€20
  • Serramonacesca to Manoppello taxi – 10 minutes/€16


Street in Manoppello
Street in Manoppello

Another reason why this entry is a bit different is because we actually stayed in Manoppello for free at a friend’s holiday house. It was a beautiful, typical home in the village and like everyone else we had a roof terrace. Absolute bliss, but not helpful to anyone but ourselves, so here’s some solid info.

Manoppello currently has one option for guests; La Casetta Del Castello, which goes for around €60 per night. Not bad considering it’s the only option within three miles of the town.

Staying in Pescara offers a few more options. Hostels start at €19 per person, bnb’s average around €47 per night for a double room, and a hotel room will average around €67 per night.

Your preference for location will depend on what you are looking for in this region. If you want a remote, relaxing village then it’s Manoppello, for a seaside city with more things to do; go to Pescara, but do take a day trip to Manoppello.


Do / Eat / See

Manoppello is a gorgeous, traditional style Italian mountaintop village, and as such is quite remote. There are three restaurants, a cafe, bakery, butchery, general store, a food market on weekends, and a church. It’s wonderful. Spend your days wandering the streets greeting the locals, lounging in the town square or on your terrace, and taking walks through the surrounding area. For relaxing breaks, Manoppello is fantastic.

Pescara is a nice medium sized city with a long beach on the Adriatic sea. Find fresh seafood at one of the restaurants behind the port and you can have a good sit down meal for around €17 per person. Relaxing on the beach and swimming in the calm waters can easily take up an entire day, you will need to pay for the chairs & umbrellas that are dotted the whole stretch of the beach (around €3-4 per person), but it’s worth it.

Other than that, Pescara has a few good museums and the birthplace house of writer & poet Gabriele D’Annunzio, which is all it needs really, as you probably wont leave the beach very often.

Hint – Try to negotiate the price for you chairs & umbrella on the beach, prices aren’t fixed and they might give you a better deal.

Church in Pescara
Church in Pescara


  • Manoppello is a great place for a relaxing break.
  • Pescara has a nice beach.
  • Spend as long as you like, but a day in each location is enough to see the sites.


Cost Summary (per person)

Manoppello for four nights;

  • Rental car per day (five days) – €55
  • Accommodation (at a friends) – €0
  • Food (four days all meals at home) – €25
  • Restaurant in Pescara – €17
  • Drinks – €15
  • Attractions – €5
  • Misc. – €5
  • Total – €122

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Beach in Pescara
Pescara beach

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