Trainline – Get cheap train and bus tickets for travel across Europe.

Rome To Rio – How to get from somewhere to anywhere.

Sky Scanner – The cheapest flight search engine.

Bla Bla Car – Ride sharing site.

Seat 61 – A dude who knows lots about trains.

Hitchwiki – Everything you need to know about hitch-hiking.


Air Bnb – Stay in other people’s homes.

Couchsurfing – Stay in other people’s homes for free.

Hostel World – Find a hostel wherever you go. – Everything from Hostels & Bnb’s to Hotels.


Trip Advisor – The one stop travel stop.

Yelp – Something about a South Park episode.


Wiki Voyage – The Wikipedia for voyages.

Price Of Travel -How much places cost.

/R/Travel – Sub-Reddit focused on travel, use the search function to find advice.

Lonely Planet – Forums, articles & advice.


Numbeo – A great site for comparing prices for everything from food to socks.

Other Projects

Musician’s Map is a website and podcast dedicated to sharing knowledge and advice about music and the music industry.

Musician’s Map offers eBooks, audiobooks, articles, videos and development sessions for artists.

Click here or on the image above to visit the Musician’s Map website.

Piano Picnic is an online learning platform for pianists and aspiring pianists.

Piano learning expert and tutor Ruth Power presents her courses as ‘bite-sized’ lessons, advocating her ‘micro-practise’ method of teaching modern piano.

Click here or on the image above to visit the Piano Picnic website.

Audio Services – Professional editing for multitrack sessions, podcasts and audiobooks.

Voiceover/Narration – Articulate, authoritative voice talent for advertising and audiobooks.

Video – Video editing, synchronisation, finalising and compression.

Click here or on the image above to visit the Overnight Audio website.

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